The Start of 2016…


Ever feel as if you are floating in the wind like a feather, not knowing where you might land?  That is my current feeling to the start of this new year.  I am floating and I have no idea where I’ll end up.  It is unsettling, yet kind of exciting.  I feel there might be changes this year.  I also feel that this is not my year, it’s Corah’s year.  She’s thriving right now.  She is no longer a baby but a full on little girl.  Super girly, all in pink, can name every Disney Princess that there is.  Sorry, going off point there.  A mom always wants to brag about their kiddo.  So here I am, a feather in the wind, waiting anxiously where I am going to land.

The Hannah/Smith Christmas Story


Christmas. A time of year when little ones can’t wait for Santa Claus to come, making cookies, singing songs by the fireplace, listening to hear reindeer hooves on the roof.  This is a magical time of year for everyone. But this year, the “Christmas Spirit” never arrived at the Hannah residence. Here is the tale about that day. Enjoy the “Classic” tale of  Twas the Night(mare) Before Christmas…

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, yelling, screaming and stirring, “No way I’m going in there!” would even be heard from a mouse.

The stockings were hung on the windows with care, hoping that St. Nicholas will find them once he’s there.

The children were hiding in their beds, while horrid visions of helping with Christmas dinner danced in their heads.

As Corah had her temper tantrum, and I with my wine.  Wanted to just settle down and unwind.

When down in the kitchen there arose such a clatter, I knew better to get up and see what was the matter.

Away to the window I flew like a flash, I opened the shutters and heard a big crash.  Knowing there was no escape and accepting my defeat, I started going downstairs with trembling feet.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear.  My Mother with a trash can full of beer.  While wearing a sparkly Santa’s hat, So chaotic and quick.  I knew in a moment it was not St. Nick.

More rapid than eagles my Father he came, both whistled and shouted and called each other by their names;

“Now Debco! now Honey! now Debbie! now Steve!”  The kids who were up against the wall, all Dashed Away! Dashed Away! Dashed Away All!

And then, in a twinkling, I heard at the door. The clicking and clacking of heels on the floor. As I took another sip of my wine, and turned around, My Aunt, Uncle and Cousin came in with a bound.

They were dressed in smiles, that quickly turned into frowns, that looked as if they smelled something brown.  For there was no Michelob to be found.

Eyes widened with panic and fear, grabbing the keys, Uncle and I go get beer.

As we get back, to what to my eyes soon appeared?  Dinner wasn’t ready and everyone was here.

Turkey and casseroles were cooking, as people started rubbing their bellies.  Mother started feeding everyone cheese and jellies.

And then a Christmas Miracle was seen! The Turkey and Casseroles were done! Even the one with the wrong green beans.

As I opened the third bottle of wine, soon everyone formed a line.

“Dig In!” Mother shouted, as this time no one ran away, for now Christmas was becoming an okay kind of day.

As everyone started to leave and drove out of sight, the Hannah/Smith family yelled out;

“Merry Christmas to all!  Luby’s next year?”

the end.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”


Christmas is here and I cannot believe it!!! Does anyone feel the same way?  This past year has flown by so fast and so much has happened.  This year, is the first Christmas in Corah and I’s new space.  I was so excited to start decorating! Of course being me, I have added on more things to this arrangement everyday and truthfully it is getting a little out of control.  But hey, Christmas comes once a year, so why not go a little crazy?  Let’s shift to the poinsettias, they are gorgeous this year! I am terrible with flowers and let everything die, but I am trying really hard to keep things things alive.  If anyone has any advice out there please send it this way.  I’m hopeless when it comes to having a green thumb.  Not going to lie, I have been caught up with the mom life, work and just life in general I have been VERY late on the holiday traditions.  ( I still have to go shopping shhhh.)  So I promised Corah that this weekend I am making it count.  Going to see lights and the awesome ice sculptures down in Moody Gardens and seeing Santa so the girl can get a Frozen Christmas (for the second year in a row.  She cannot “let it go”).  Last year was a bit hard because I didn’t have Corah for Christmas since she was spending it with her dad.  So I’m so thrilled for this year and she’s older and just watching her get so excited about the things I got excited about as a kid is so much fun.  I will make sure to post a picture but this year for a Christmas tree I got her a small, pink, very girly decorated tree of her own.  She’s so proud of it too.  All decked out in Hello Kitty and cute animals.  These are times when people start stressing out but we have to remember, this is the time to be thankful and to feel the joy of spending time with friends and family and making memories that will be cherished forever.  The good and the not so good ones too.  🙂


It’s that time of year when the Pumpkin Spice comes out and Fashion hits the runway in the great New York City.  That’s right! New York Fashion Week! Bringing us the trends for the fall and winter months.  I’m just going to dive in because I’m super excited about this year’s trends.  I’m a bohemian 1970’s child that was born too late in this world, so initially I’m FREAKING OUT about the trend for this year.  The Prints. The Textures. The Colors. The Accessories.  I think designers nailed it this year.

Gigi, ALWAYS looking amazing!!
Gigi, ALWAYS looking amazing!!

The 1970’s NY has resurrected and looking more glam than ever! I can almost here Donna Summer’s “Last Dance” playing.  Also watching for what Cher will be wearing next.   Who’s in love with this Anna Sui dress right now?

Bedtime Fun!!!


Bedtime is my favorite time.  This is when we decompress and melt the day away.  Reading Goodnight Moon and listening to Corah laugh when I say “a bowl full of mush.” We snuggle in her bed (hoping I don’t break her bed eeeeh).  It is these moments, they might be small, are the ones as a mom I will cherish.  I cannot believe she is almost 3!! Stop growing!! But she is turning into a beautiful girl.