“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”


Christmas is here and I cannot believe it!!! Does anyone feel the same way?  This past year has flown by so fast and so much has happened.  This year, is the first Christmas in Corah and I’s new space.  I was so excited to start decorating! Of course being me, I have added on more things to this arrangement everyday and truthfully it is getting a little out of control.  But hey, Christmas comes once a year, so why not go a little crazy?  Let’s shift to the poinsettias, they are gorgeous this year! I am terrible with flowers and let everything die, but I am trying really hard to keep things things alive.  If anyone has any advice out there please send it this way.  I’m hopeless when it comes to having a green thumb.  Not going to lie, I have been caught up with the mom life, work and just life in general I have been VERY late on the holiday traditions.  ( I still have to go shopping shhhh.)  So I promised Corah that this weekend I am making it count.  Going to see lights and the awesome ice sculptures down in Moody Gardens and seeing Santa so the girl can get a Frozen Christmas (for the second year in a row.  She cannot “let it go”).  Last year was a bit hard because I didn’t have Corah for Christmas since she was spending it with her dad.  So I’m so thrilled for this year and she’s older and just watching her get so excited about the things I got excited about as a kid is so much fun.  I will make sure to post a picture but this year for a Christmas tree I got her a small, pink, very girly decorated tree of her own.  She’s so proud of it too.  All decked out in Hello Kitty and cute animals.  These are times when people start stressing out but we have to remember, this is the time to be thankful and to feel the joy of spending time with friends and family and making memories that will be cherished forever.  The good and the not so good ones too.  🙂

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