Potty Training with M&Ms

So I have been potty training my kiddo for a little bit now and it’s just not sticking.  Yesterday, I said that’s it we are going to hit the ground running on this potty training thing.  When Corah and I got home yesterday I stripped her down and she had to stay naked and could only go potty in her big girl potty bowl.  It actually worked!  She said “Momma Potty” and sat down and did her thing.  We were both shouting for joy and she was awarded some M&Ms. She then returned watching Beauty & the Beast for the 400th time and I went into my room to gather laundry.  Then I felt it.  The Mother’s intuition that something bad was currently happening.  I stepped out to check on Corah and she was no longer in the living room.  I then peaked around the corner into the kitchen and I spot a naked toddler sitting in a mound of M&Ms on my floor.  I have never seen a kid cram so many M&Ms into her mouth so fast.  You know that famous slogan, “Candy that melts in your mouth not in your hand.” Well Corah proved that wrong.  Kid was multicolored all over her face, hands and stomach.  On a positive note, she didn’t go potty on my floor. She was probably celebrating her accomplishment. Go Corah!!!  Note to self: Hide the M&Ms high and out of sight or end up with a  rainbow kid.

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