When you deviate from the plan…You are All Done.

Saturday before Christmas was celebrated with close family and lessons were learned on this grand, certainly not boring night.

I took Corah to do a hayride through a neighborhood to look at Christmas lights.  My Aunt, Cousin & Mom came with and we treated the night as a Christmas Girls Night Out! All fun with Christmas cheer in the air….so we thought.  Where to start?  It starts with just getting into the car.  We all decided to go in my car since it would be easier due to Corah’s car seat.  Great plan! Until I remembered the car seat is HUGE and takes up almost the backseat.  My poor Aunt and Cousin were cramped and had to twist and turn a couple of times to get in their seats and buckle up. After a half hour it felt like just getting into the car, we finally hit the road.  The drive was nice and smooth.  I start to approach the destination, which was a grocery store parking lot and it was FILLED to the MAX.  Still having with Christmas Cheer we were not going to let our smiles fade due to a long line.  After parking the car, took another half hour for my Aunt & Cousin just to twist and turn out of the car, I grab the kiddo and we are anxious to see some festive lights.  As we stroll to the ticket booth, things take a turn.  SOLD OUT until 9 pm! It was only 7:30!!!! As a parent to a 2 year old this is not the best news to receive. Determined to not lose the Christmas Cheer, we all decide to go to this tiny Mexican restaurant to go get some food.  Super nice people working there and we get seated right away.  Then THE question was asked, “What would you ladies like to drink?”  The adults (children were not drinking as it is frowned upon and illegal) decided to order a House Margarita WITH Salt.  Side Note: If you don’t know my Aunt, she is a beautiful, sweet woman and has a huge heart BUT has an incredibly amazing talent of complicating something so simple, as in a house margarita.   Now as she orders this house margarita with salt, everyone is looking at her with shock.  This is a woman who orders the SAME THING everywhere she goes, doesn’t matter where she is, the FAMOUS Micelob Ultra. She never deviates from her drink. It is as if it was a reflex answer.  Example; “How are you doing today?” “Fine, thank you.”  “What would you like to drink?” “Micelob please.”  This is the routine! So when the words “House Margarita with salt” came out of her mouth it was shocking.  Excitedly and anxiously waiting to get our margs on, Corah discovered queso and she has not looked back.  Looks like someone else deviated from her lil routine.  The waiter brings our Margaritas in mugs with them perfectly salted….minus my Aunt’s glass.  Now in these types of crises or however you say it, one would think to just send it back for for another drink.  Not my Aunt, she felt bad for the guy having to make another drink so to “Simplify” the problem she asked the waiter for another empty glass with salt and she will pour the original drink into the new mug. Problem Solved….not so much. She receives the beautifully, perfectly salted mug and filled the mug with ice.  Because she loves ice.  All of sudden it hits her, “How am I going to pour this?” Trying to find a solution, Corah is eating as much queso as she can as well as admiring her light up Christmas necklace that her sweet cousin gave her.  The world could be ending and Corah only cares about her queso and necklace, so she was good. No worries.  Now back to my Aunt, still figuring out how to pour the first margarita mug into the second mug. My Mom decided to help the situation and offered to pour it for her.  As she is pouring the drink into the perfectly salted icy mug, she wasn’t quick enough to prevent the disaster that lied ahead.  She was quickly pouring the drink and the liquid rushed over the sides of the glass and on to the table.  Due to the amount of ice in the glass their wasn’t enough room for the whole drink and it overflowed, taking the salt with it. So once again, the salt was not on the rim but in her drink.  As she was placing salt on the rim from a salt shaker she says “This is why I get my usual.”  But the drink was still good, which is always a plus.

After eating our food and drinking our margaritas it was finally time to head back to the grocery store for the hayride.  Corah was getting sleepy but I wasn’t worried.  Pulled up at 8:45 to get in line for the 9:00 hayride. Again, taking another half hour to get out of the car, my cousin started playing with Corah and we are all laughing as we wait in line. I could then see that we were all getting back that Christmas Cheer. The hayride pulls up and it is time to climb in. As we sit awkwardly sit next to strangers on the hay, all of sudden a Mother’s worst nightmare happens. Corah loses it!! Starts crying, trying to buck off my lap and I start thinking “Oh no! I’m that Mom! Everyone is going to hate me!” As the truck starts moving and pulling us along not even two seconds in, my daughter screams with all of her Christmas Cheer inside of her, “All Done! All Done! All Done!” We haven’t even started yet! As we approach the brightly lit houses, realizing they are all behind us, so Corah didn’t see lights for the first couple of minutes.  She finally calmed down and sucked her thumb and gave me a look that clearly read, “I’m not liking this right now, when can I get off?” Due to crazy traffic, the hayride that was suppose to last for only thirty minutes turned into forty-five minutes (which Corah was not happy about and me slowly losing my patience).  We FINALLY make it out of the neighborhood, back to the parking lot and we get off the hayride as fast as we could.  The Christmas Cheer faded away like the salt from the margarita glass.

But in spite of everything that happened, it was nice to be with family and was a fun night that no one will forget

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