Friday Favorites:Throws!

Friday Favoites Throws

I am sorry for being so far behind, I have been recovering from the flu. Now all better so let’s do this! So if you can’t tell, I love black and white.  I think black, light gray, medium gray, dark gray and white are probably my favorite colors lol.  This time of year is one my favorites because I love being outside with the kiddo, playing bubbles and soaking up the sun. So for these occasions I love having a good throw to sit on when I am out at a park or listening to music at an outdoor concert. I have cute memories of when Corah was a baby, laying out on a blanket outside, soaking up some rays in the park. Love those sweet mommy and baby memories. What’s great about a nice throw is how versatile it is. Snuggle in it when it’s cold, lay on it when it’s warm. These are my favorite throws. I personally have the top left throw from Target, it’s reversible, which makes it even better!  Enjoy!

Click Here for #1.  Click Here for #2.  Click Here for #3.  Click Here for #4.