Friday Favorites!

friday favorites

Hello Everyone! So today marks the first day to my “Friday Favorites!”  I’m so excited!!!!! So in this new, weekly feature, I will be showing my go to favorites that I absolutely, cannot live without.  If you don’t know me, I am a HUGE sneaker maniac! It is a problem.  My go to sneakers are Vans.  Vans have been that edgy, make a statement, fun, cool shoe.  So it made sense for my first Friday Favorites to open with Vans.  It’s fun when being a mom because I am now dressing my daughter in Vans.  We are a little Vans family.  She has had 4 pairs already, and these shoes are indestructible, even for a toddler! So enough of me chit chatting it up, Let’s Do This!

  1. Vans is currently celebrating their 50th Anniversary! So they came out with a special line to celebrate.  My FAVORITE color combination is Black & Gold. So when I saw they came out with their classic black & white and threw some gold, of course I had to get them.  Click Here for link.
  2.  So if you don’t know, I have always been obsessed with Disney & mermaids.  So when  I heard Vans were doing a Disney line, I freaked! My favorite movie of course is The Little Mermaid, so had to put these Ariel shoes into my collection. Who doesn’t want to bust out “Part of your World” when wearing these?!  Click Here for link.
  3.  I can’t get over how cute these are!!! So I let my daughter (most of the time) pick out her clothes and shoes.  As a mom, I feel it’s important for to embrace her style and have confidence, even when she’s 3 years old.  So I took Corah to the Vans store to get some new shoes, she IMMEDIATELY snatched up the donut shoes! Since she got them that girl has not taken them off.  The first night she wore them to bed!! They are so stinkin cute! They also have them in adult sizes too.  Click Here for link.
  4. These are straight up awesome! I got my Hawaiian Vans last summer for my birthday and they are for sure my go to summer shoes.  They are bright, cool, fun, kick a** shoes! They are the true Vans statement shoes.  Fits like all the other Sk8 Hi shoes. Still one of their top sellers.  You will see me sporting them at the grocery store, the park, a concert & everywhere else.  These are a MUST!  Click Here for link.

So there you have it, my first Friday Favorites.  I hope you enjoyed it and look out for the next one.  If you have suggestions, please please please send them my way.  Thanks and Much Love xoxoxo.

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