Look What Jane Did – intro

Dropping to her knees at the edge of the lake, she gazes at the starry night as she draws in her last breath.


Ice, vodka and glass crash to the floor as it slips out of Jane’s hand waking her up from another drunken slumber.

“Shit. I’m late.”

Looking at the time, she runs into the bathroom with a bloody foot from the broken glass.

Sun peaking out of the drawn curtains and shedding light to an  apartment hasn’t been cleaned in months. Sink piled high with dishes, no telling what else lives in the apartment.

Cold water runs down Jane’s body slowly sobering her up. Quickly stumbling through the apartment trying to find something somewhat clean to wear. Teeth brushed and 5 mini vodka bottles packed, Jane runs out the door.

The sound of morning traffic in the city helps drown out the reality she is trying to avoid. Once upon a time, Jane wore designer clothes and worked in a publishing house as an editor. Jane now sports the messy hair don’t care look, paired with bloodshot eyes and working as a freelance writer.

Jane stumbles into a Starbucks to meet a source she’s interviewing for a story on “How the U.S. Health Care system is taking a sick leave,” for The Post.

After one boring interview and mini bottle later, Jane looks at her phone noticing 5 missed calls from Mom and it’s only 9:30 am. Walking back home, she comes across a small French bakery and immediately thinks of him. Liam.


10 New Habits (Body-Mind-Soul)


Mardis Gras is over and we are now approaching Lent, It really had me thinking through the habits in my own life, both the good and bad, and the lack thereof. Instead of giving up chips or chocolate, I decided that I would add 10 small habits to avoid stress, increase peace, and maintain a healthy life.

  1. The Morning Alarm: I am THE WORSE morning riser EVER!!! I will hit the snooze button until I have 15 minutes to get Corah & I ready. My new habit is setting the alarm 30 minutes before I have to get up and ease into the morning. Stop the morning rush and the anxiety of “Am I going to be late?” I want to have extra time with Corah in the mornings, not eating breakfast in the car and actually being able to drink coffee before it gets cold.
  2. Meditation/Prayer Time: 5-10 minutes of time of relaxation and daily prayers. I believe this is a very important step in achieving a healthy balance in your body, mind and soul.


3. DRINK WATER!!!! I can go through an entire day without drinking water. I know, it’s bad! I will drink 4 cups a coffee, maybe some mineral water or an orange soda and then transition to a glass of wine. So I am making an effort to carry a water bottle with me and created alarms on my fitbit to get AT LEAST 8 cups a day.
4. Toning:  10-20 minutes of toning everyday. Right now it’s squats, arms and crunches while catching up on my shows. Cannot go to bed without at least 10 minutes!
5. Meal Planning:
I hate cooking but has to be done.


6. One on One Time: Spending more one on one time with Corah. I feel life gets in way and before you know it you’ve been cleaning, working, laundry and it’s bedtime and I lost time that I could’ve spent with her. Time is precious and I am not going to waste it.
7. Reading: Even if it’s for 5 minutes.
8. Clean Space: Try to keep things tidy ( which is a challenge being in a small space)
9. Daily Planner: Even if it’s for 5 minutes.
10. Go to Bed BEFORE 11:30: I’m serious Netflix!

14 Things I Love

Hello everyone! To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I am listing my top 14 things I love.


  1. Forrest Gump is my favorite movie. Who doesn’t love Tom Hanks?
  2. I love how Corah sees the world, everything is beautiful.
  3. HATS!!!!!!!
  4. Favorite store is Free People
  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee
  6. Tex-Mex
  7. Sneakers! I’m a sneaker snob and I have a problem with Vans. I own at least 20 pairs. Plus Corah is building herself a nice collection.
  8. When my apartment is actually CLEAN!!
  9. When Corah thinks it’s funny to give wet hugs after bath time
  10. Creating and designing
  11. Lipstick addict! I currently have 5 lipsticks in my purse! It’s a problem but you never know when you will need a color change on the go.
  12. How Corah wants to cuddle all the time.
  13. My favorite color is black. Anything that is blacked out I want lol.
  14. My crazy family


Design Inspiration


Hello, remember that time when I used to blog? Well, I am back! This year I am focusing on what inspires me. What inspires me is design. I love designing spaces and I am OBSESSED with fashion. So lately I have been going through Pinterest for new interior ideas. My style is bohemian, eclectic, 1970’s, rustic & edgy. These are some of my favorite pics that inspire me.

Friday Favorites:Throws!

Friday Favoites Throws

I am sorry for being so far behind, I have been recovering from the flu. Now all better so let’s do this! So if you can’t tell, I love black and white.  I think black, light gray, medium gray, dark gray and white are probably my favorite colors lol.  This time of year is one my favorites because I love being outside with the kiddo, playing bubbles and soaking up the sun. So for these occasions I love having a good throw to sit on when I am out at a park or listening to music at an outdoor concert. I have cute memories of when Corah was a baby, laying out on a blanket outside, soaking up some rays in the park. Love those sweet mommy and baby memories. What’s great about a nice throw is how versatile it is. Snuggle in it when it’s cold, lay on it when it’s warm. These are my favorite throws. I personally have the top left throw from Target, it’s reversible, which makes it even better!  Enjoy!

Click Here for #1.  Click Here for #2.  Click Here for #3.  Click Here for #4.

Friday Favorites: Weekends in Spring

Friday Favorites Spring

Spring is here. Time to dust off your cute sandals, shorts and making your pedicure is in check.  These are my favorite go to’s on the weekends.  Being a mom, I want something that’s easy, cute and budget friendly.  It can be done, here is a favorite weekend out for spring outfit.

  1. Rompers are a HUGE trend for spring and summer.  I am slightly curvy after having my kiddo, so I never thought I could pull off a romper.  One day, I saw a romper that was just too cute to pass up, so tried it on for grins and giggles and my eyes went HUGE!!! I LOVED IT!!! So I am now on this romper rampage.  And soooo comfy!!! Click Here for this romper. 
  2. I had to throw in the mineral water.  I am always drinking it and makes you feel fancy while keeping you hydrated.  Throw in some lime to make it extra refreshing.  As I am writing this I have a small bottle next to me that I am currently drinking.  I have a mineral water problem lol.
  3. Can’t go wrong with a good hat. Being a mom, 9 times out of 10, I live off of dry shampoo.  So those days when hair is that “mom hair” or just feeling cute or both, I love a good fedora.  Blocks the sun too.  Click Here for this black fedora.
  4. Another new obsession: Gladiator Shoes! I scored this pair at TARGET!! And they go with EVERYTHING!! They are a must. I get compliments on them everywhere I go.  They also come in brown too.  Click Here for sandals.

Friday Favorites!

friday favorites

Hello Everyone! So today marks the first day to my “Friday Favorites!”  I’m so excited!!!!! So in this new, weekly feature, I will be showing my go to favorites that I absolutely, cannot live without.  If you don’t know me, I am a HUGE sneaker maniac! It is a problem.  My go to sneakers are Vans.  Vans have been that edgy, make a statement, fun, cool shoe.  So it made sense for my first Friday Favorites to open with Vans.  It’s fun when being a mom because I am now dressing my daughter in Vans.  We are a little Vans family.  She has had 4 pairs already, and these shoes are indestructible, even for a toddler! So enough of me chit chatting it up, Let’s Do This!

  1. Vans is currently celebrating their 50th Anniversary! So they came out with a special line to celebrate.  My FAVORITE color combination is Black & Gold. So when I saw they came out with their classic black & white and threw some gold, of course I had to get them.  Click Here for link.
  2.  So if you don’t know, I have always been obsessed with Disney & mermaids.  So when  I heard Vans were doing a Disney line, I freaked! My favorite movie of course is The Little Mermaid, so had to put these Ariel shoes into my collection. Who doesn’t want to bust out “Part of your World” when wearing these?!  Click Here for link.
  3.  I can’t get over how cute these are!!! So I let my daughter (most of the time) pick out her clothes and shoes.  As a mom, I feel it’s important for to embrace her style and have confidence, even when she’s 3 years old.  So I took Corah to the Vans store to get some new shoes, she IMMEDIATELY snatched up the donut shoes! Since she got them that girl has not taken them off.  The first night she wore them to bed!! They are so stinkin cute! They also have them in adult sizes too.  Click Here for link.
  4. These are straight up awesome! I got my Hawaiian Vans last summer for my birthday and they are for sure my go to summer shoes.  They are bright, cool, fun, kick a** shoes! They are the true Vans statement shoes.  Fits like all the other Sk8 Hi shoes. Still one of their top sellers.  You will see me sporting them at the grocery store, the park, a concert & everywhere else.  These are a MUST!  Click Here for link.

So there you have it, my first Friday Favorites.  I hope you enjoyed it and look out for the next one.  If you have suggestions, please please please send them my way.  Thanks and Much Love xoxoxo.

The Mom Life…

selfie12742078_10156495141040357_5094027214262983289_ncoffeefrozen tissuescorah and mewine sweatshirt

I LOVE the Mom Life!  Watching Corah discovering new things everyday, receiving hugs and kisses and reading The Hungry Caterpillar 100 times a day.  There are some days that really test your patients, but wouldn’t change it for the world.

The Start of 2016…


Ever feel as if you are floating in the wind like a feather, not knowing where you might land?  That is my current feeling to the start of this new year.  I am floating and I have no idea where I’ll end up.  It is unsettling, yet kind of exciting.  I feel there might be changes this year.  I also feel that this is not my year, it’s Corah’s year.  She’s thriving right now.  She is no longer a baby but a full on little girl.  Super girly, all in pink, can name every Disney Princess that there is.  Sorry, going off point there.  A mom always wants to brag about their kiddo.  So here I am, a feather in the wind, waiting anxiously where I am going to land.

The Hannah/Smith Christmas Story


Christmas. A time of year when little ones can’t wait for Santa Claus to come, making cookies, singing songs by the fireplace, listening to hear reindeer hooves on the roof.  This is a magical time of year for everyone. But this year, the “Christmas Spirit” never arrived at the Hannah residence. Here is the tale about that day. Enjoy the “Classic” tale of  Twas the Night(mare) Before Christmas…

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, yelling, screaming and stirring, “No way I’m going in there!” would even be heard from a mouse.

The stockings were hung on the windows with care, hoping that St. Nicholas will find them once he’s there.

The children were hiding in their beds, while horrid visions of helping with Christmas dinner danced in their heads.

As Corah had her temper tantrum, and I with my wine.  Wanted to just settle down and unwind.

When down in the kitchen there arose such a clatter, I knew better to get up and see what was the matter.

Away to the window I flew like a flash, I opened the shutters and heard a big crash.  Knowing there was no escape and accepting my defeat, I started going downstairs with trembling feet.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear.  My Mother with a trash can full of beer.  While wearing a sparkly Santa’s hat, So chaotic and quick.  I knew in a moment it was not St. Nick.

More rapid than eagles my Father he came, both whistled and shouted and called each other by their names;

“Now Debco! now Honey! now Debbie! now Steve!”  The kids who were up against the wall, all Dashed Away! Dashed Away! Dashed Away All!

And then, in a twinkling, I heard at the door. The clicking and clacking of heels on the floor. As I took another sip of my wine, and turned around, My Aunt, Uncle and Cousin came in with a bound.

They were dressed in smiles, that quickly turned into frowns, that looked as if they smelled something brown.  For there was no Michelob to be found.

Eyes widened with panic and fear, grabbing the keys, Uncle and I go get beer.

As we get back, to what to my eyes soon appeared?  Dinner wasn’t ready and everyone was here.

Turkey and casseroles were cooking, as people started rubbing their bellies.  Mother started feeding everyone cheese and jellies.

And then a Christmas Miracle was seen! The Turkey and Casseroles were done! Even the one with the wrong green beans.
As I opened the third bottle of wine, soon everyone formed a line.
“Dig In!” Mother shouted, as this time no one ran away, for now Christmas was becoming an okay kind of day.
As everyone started to leave and drove out of sight, the Hannah/Smith family yelled out;
“Merry Christmas to all!  Luby’s next year?”
the end.